Latin American Independence Leaders


This page is dedicated to the leaders of Latin America´s Independence, to the heros of the independence of our continent. Pretends to set up links among the pages dedicated to them in a purpose of surpass, through the mutual knowledge, the barriers and regionalisms that may divide our people, and, may be, with the help of all, achieve a virtual union of the heros of Latin American Independence.

I believe than knowledge is the beginning of love. And, as one of our poet says: "The brothers be united, these es the first law ", I added the pages dedicated to the symbols of the diverse countries, so the people who live in this continent may get familiar with the symbols of our brothers.

Updated: February 10th, 2000
Argentina Spanish Text

San Martín,The Knight of the Andes
Short Biography. (English)

San Martin´s Home Page
My page: a short Biography. (English)

Cronología de Bolívar
Biography of libertador, Simón Bolívar (Spanish)

Cultura Peruana
Independence of Perú. (Spanish)

Hidalgo´s call ...
Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, and the independence of Méjico. (English)

Hipólito Unanue
Hero of the Independence of Perú (Spanish)

Phi Iota Alpha
Page of Latino unity of the Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity Xi Chapter, Harvard University. (English)

San Martín
Short biography. (Spanish)

Boulogne-Sur-Mer et San Martin
In French from Boulogne-sur-Mer (French)

José de San Martín
Short biography of the Liberator from Perú. (Spanish)

Don José de San Martín, el Libertador
School work made by the pupils. (Spanish)

General San Martín Máximas para mi hija, 1825
Advise to his daugter. (Spanish)

Simón Bolívar
Short biography. (Spanish)

Tres héroes
Three latinoamerican: Bolívar, Hidalgo y San Martín, written by José Martí. (Spanish)

Francisco José de Caldas
Colombian Independence martyr. (Spanish)

Símbolos patrios de Colombia
The Flag and the National Anthem of Colombia (Spanish)

José Martí
Cuban patriot. (Spanish)

San Martín
Short biography. (Spanish)

Independencia de Panamá
Heroes of Panama´s independence. (Spanish)

El Salvador´s History
History and symbols of El Salvador. (Spanish)

A short Hiastory of El Salvador
El Salvador´s Goverment Page. (Spanish)

Meeting Chile and America´s History
Chile´s History and Biography of O´Higgins. (Spanish)

Simón Bolívar
Biography. (Spanish)

José Artigas
Biography of José Gervacio Artigas. (Spanish)

Manuel Belgrano
Biography of the Argentinian hero. (Spanish)

Peru´s Independence
History of Peru´s Independence. (Spanish)

Ramón Emeterio Betances y Alacán
He fought for Puerto Rico´s Independence. (Spanish)

San Martín
Page of the newspaper Clarín of Buenos Aires. (Spanish)

San Martín y su Biblioteca
San Martin and his library. (English)

San Martín
Links. (Spanish)

Independencia de Mexico
Independence of Mexico. (Spanish)

Independence of Paraguay. (Spanish)

Latin American Studies
Links. (English)

José Gervacio Artigas
Biography. (Spanish)

José Martí
Biography. (Spanish)

Bolivia´s Independence. (Spanish)

Simón Bolívar. Luces de Bolívar en la red
Biography. (Spanish)

I would like that the readers who wrote or know a page about a Latin American hero that does not figure here, please let me know and will be incuded.

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